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Converso Wine

Under the walls of the Monastery of Santa María de Valbuena (12th century), located in the town of San Bernardo in the heart of the Ribera del Duero in Valladolid, were the monks of the Cistercian order, considered by some to be the fathers or forerunners of the Ribera del Duero wines. Helped in some of their agricultural work by the "Conversos" non-religious personnel who worked in exchange for food and shelter.

In honour of them, we allow their legacy to live on by using the very same grapes from the monastery’s vineyards to make our Converso Wine. It is a wine that is aged in French and American oak barrels for 12 months and made with the finest grapes, opting for the highest areas of the vineyard and avoiding the damper ones near the Duero River. Its 2018 vintage has a limited production of 20,000 bottles. A wine that is the result of a carefully selected vintage, with character and exclusivity in all its nuances.


  • Grand Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2021
  • Silver Bacchus at the 19th Bacchus International Wine Competition
  • Gold Bacchus at the 18th Bacchus International Wine Competition
  • Silver Zarcillo at the 17th Edition of the Zarcillo Awards

Special discounted price for hotel guests, check prices at our reception.

You can buy it at the hotel reception, or request that we prepare your order by sending an email to, at 942 52 13 13 or from your room by dialing ext. 9. You can also try it in our culinary establishment.