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Cabárceno Nature Park

In the neighbouring town of Cabárceno, less than 14 Km from our Hotel Solares Spa, you can find one of the most important fauna parks in Spain.

With its 750-hectare area, Cabárceno Park is not a zoo; it is a place where animals are not kept in cages but live in a semi-liberty regime, in large fenced areas, where they form their own communities. There are 120 types of species and 200 animals, of which include the largest reserve of brown bears in Europe.

Why is Cabárceno Nature Park of interest?
Cabárceno Nature Park, lying atop an abandoned opencast mine, is a space where you can discover the secrets of the animal, vegetable and mineral worlds. It has nearly 150 species of animals from the 5 continents living semi-wild, among which Europe''s largest collection of brown bears is a highlight.

The space has been devised for educational, cultural, scientific and recreational ends, and has become one of the greatest tourist attractions in the north of Spain. It is an ideal place to spend the day with your family as it has numerous zones of recreation, picnic sites, viewpoints, botanical routes, cafeterias, restaurants, play areas...

Would you like to visit?
The Park offers endless possibilities for visiting its installations, depending on the needs and tastes of each visitor:

Wild visit
See the work, research and conservation of the Park at first hand accompanied by specialised staff who will convey the philosophy of its animals and of nature. This visit includes a lunch at the Park restaurant.

Green Cabárceno
You can enjoy the botanical collection of the Park with the selection of 24 of the over 100 woody species held within its facilities, at three of the most visited places:

- Route of the yews, corks and walnuts. Around the tigers.

- Route of the birches, lindens and beeches. Hyena and wolf enclosures.

- Route of the chestnuts and pines. Between the lion and bison enclosures.

Entertainment and fun
- Flying techniques of birds of prey

An authentic spectacle where we can observe the flying techniques and main hunting strategies of birds of prey from America, Europe and Africa.

Griffon vultures, palm-nut vultures, black kites, peregrine falcons, bald eagles... will make this display an unforgettable experience. If you like wildlife, you won''t be able to look away!

- Show with sea lions

A showcase of the skills that sea lions can develop and how much they can teach us, while we are enjoying a first-class spectacle, for the whole family.

Please ask at reception at Castilla Termal Balneario de Solares about the benefits for our guests.