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The water of the Solares Spa has an ancient story, already known in the 12th and 13th centuries. The characteristics of this water have remained unchanged over the centuries, as show the results obtained in the periodic analysis carried out subsequently to the analysis at the Laboratory of Real Colegio de San Fernando in 1828. That led to its declaration as Water of Public Utility. In 1827 it was built the first Bathhouse above the spring and one year later it was declared as Public Utility.

Cataloguing according to their composition:
The thermal water of Fuencaliente spring is bicarbonate, rich in chloride, calcium and sodium. It has a flow volume of 3,456,000 litres per day and a constant temperature of 29.8 °C.

Therapeutically indicated in digestive, metabolic, antacid, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and nervous system treatments. There are also perfect for thermal and leisure treatments as well as beauty treatments, for rehabilitation, psychological and nervous system problems, such as insomnia and stress. For the latter, the spa offers concrete programmes under the supervision of professional medical teams.

Treatment of rheumatic and degenerative diseases of locomotive system: arthrosis, arthritis, firbromyalgia…

Recovery - rehabilitation of traumas or surgical intervention

Chronic respiratory diseases: sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, chronic bronchitis… Certain diseases of the nervous system: stress, anxiety.

By oral route benefits the treatment of certain digestive processes with increase of acidity: gastritis, dyspepsias, hiatal hernia…

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