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Yoga, Gestalt & Cerámica

December 17  from 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

This workshop is a path to the center of our Being where we will immerse ourselves in the depth of our feeling, cultivating the presence, creating internal space for your truth to emerge, and from there, giving you permission to inhabit it, integrate it, and honor it.

We invite you to undertake this transformative journey in which we will use the fusion of Yin Yoga, to enter our body, Gestalt therapy, to feel ourselves, and ceramics, as a vehicle of expression, to capture everything we experienced in the workshop.

A transforming experience in a warm space, where we accompany you with respect and love.

Level: It doesn''t matter how much you know, or how much you know, but how much you allow yourself to feel "

🗣 Teachers: Nadia Manini and Verónica Marín.

📩 Registration: veronicamarinrodriguez@gmail.com 633 916 434

Price: 65 euros

Thank you.